Refugees@business guide App

Refugees@business helps you navigating through all rules and regulations in order to find work or successfully start your own business. Refugees@business has been made by the Immigration Guidance Foundation and Lomax Consultancy. The App has been made possible by Lefebvre Sarrut.

All information can also be found in the Refugees@business guide App which can be found in the different App stores:



Per country we give you answers to your questions with a flowchart. Choose a country:

The Netherlands (including flowcharts to start your own business)

France  (only for Ukrainian refugees)

Germany (only for Ukrainian refugees)

If you are a refugee from the Ukraine, please go to the special page for the Ukrainian refugees /  Якщо ви біженець з України, перейдіть на спеціальну сторінку для українських біженців