Transnational cooperation

Migration inherently is a cross-bordering subject. Every part of Europe has to deal with their share of migration related issues. Therefore, within the Immigration Guidance project transnational cooperation and knowledge exchange of best practices is fundamental. Transnational cooperation is central to us, as migrants from different cultures and regions all over the world come to every European country, but the migrants are distributed differently according to the states. No partner alone can reflect the diversity of all migrant groups in their social and economic activities in one project.

Potential partners

To make our Immigration Guidance project successful we are looking for partners who have national competence with the registration process and assignment of residential status of migrants. Next to this we would like the participation of partners who are responsible for the integration and housing of migrants. We are also looking for partners that can provide research and (qualitative/quantitative) data with respect to migration related issues in relevant parts of the migration chain.

Potential partners are sought in the following segments:

  • Local public authorities
  • Local or regional development agencies, employment agencies, etc.
  • Universities, scientific institutions, NGO’s

Contact us
If you are interested in a potential partnership, please send an e-mail.